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340,000 Twinkling West Seattle Holiday Lights

Seattle’s Menashe Family, owners of Menashe & Son’s Jewelers, definately know the best way to light up one’s life.  I am not talking about diamonds and pearls, I am talking about Christmas lights and decorations.  This is no small project, planning started the week before Thanksgiving!  Each year they bring out the cherry picker and a crew of lighting experts to drip every inch of their property with sparkling lights.  Don’t worry, extra circuit panels were installed and there will not be a reenactment of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at this house.

This year’s display has several new features, including a new LED Ferris Wheel , 
a Mickey Mouse coming out of a chimney, Snoopy, two new candy canes, new deer, polar bears, a gingerbread house blow up on the roof, and new blue LED lights on a tree.  Which is in addition to the decorations from previous years, making it the best light show to date!

The Menashe’s have close to 340,000 lights, 100,000 of those lights cover the giant oak tree that is the main centerpiece in their front yard.



Some other fun facts (as mentioned in Seattle Met Magazine):

• 4 marriage proposals have taken place in front of the fancy display
• 30,000 lights are replaced every year
• Estimated Seattle City Light bill for 340,000 lights $18,904 / $442 for LED
• Everyday at 4:15 pm, timers in the Menashe’s basement power on and illuminate the display until about 11 pm and the display is dark before midnight.

They are having their annual holiday event featuring Santa Claus on Saturday, December 14 from 6 pm to 10 pm.  Bring your family and kids for a spectacular night of festivities.

Menashe Family Estate
5605 Beach Drive SW
Seattle, WA 98136

Take good care, happy holidays and be well mamas!

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