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The Long and Short of it: Complimentary Hemming


Being 5’2″ comes with a lot of pros and cons.  If anyone is wondering if they have a “bat in the cave“, I have the perfect view to let you know!  If I need to weave in and out of the crowds at the Seahawks games, I can ebb and flow right through everyone, only to wait at the car for the rest of my party who doesn’t have such abilities.  Being short rules, sometimes.

When it comes to finding clothes, that is a different story.  Tops are too wide.  Pants are too long.  Jackets fit like a potato sack.  Don’t get me started on finding workout clothes, I beg for a petite section.  Do only tall people workout?  I mean come on people!

Thanks to lululemon, I no longer need to worry about running through puddles with my pants.  With a purchase online, in-store or at their outlet, they offer complimentary hemming for your new duds.  Boom!  The new Nordstrom of workout clothes.


photo courtesy of lululemon

Lululemon does have a few rules to follow:
1) Clothing will be hemmed at your closest lululemon store.  (If you are not close to a store, this may be a challenge).
2) Tops and pants can be hemmed.
3) Lululemon will only hem, not alter the clothing.  In short; they will fix the length but will not fix waist or shoulders etc.
4) They will not fix hems with drawcords or embellishments.
5) It only takes 5 days to hem!
6) All clothes must be washed before hemming.

It is as simple as that.  For their full list of restrictions, click here.  Happy hemming.

Take good care and be well mamas!

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