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Spira Power Yoga in West Seattle

A few weeks ago, I vowed to myself that I would workout every day.  When thinking about my daily workout, my thoughts teeter between going for a run and hitting the gym.  After doing that for multiple weeks in a row, I have started to explore new ways to spice up my workouts.  The newest addition to my weekly routine has been trying new yoga classes.  I will admit, I am not the first person to jump at the thought of doing yoga.  As I get older, I realize I need to spend more time stretching.  Ugh, stretching.  The word is the ultimate workout buzz-kill but I know I need to do it.  So I have gone to a few yoga classes and Spira Power Yoga in West Seattle has me hooked and stretching like crazy.

Spira Power Yoga is located directly across the street from the Admiral Theater.  When entering, you are warmly welcomed by your teacher and checked into their system.  The entire facility is very clean and inviting.  There are cubbies, changing room and restrooms for everyone to use.

The large yoga room is painted yellow and has many windows and skylights making it nice and bright, even on rainy days.  The room temperature hovers around 90 degrees which is about 10 – 15 degrees cooler than hot yoga.  Each instructor brings their own style and flair to each class, I definitely have not done the same routine before.  The teachers keep the class interesting and challenging, which is not typical for the classes I have taken in the past.

My favorite part, most of the teachers come around and help you with the proper position.  Which I could use all the help I can get.  When I leave the class I feel refreshed, limber and stronger.  It is a really good feeling.  Remember to bring your yoga mat, towel and water bottle, you will need them.  Once you are in their system, sign up for classes online to reserve your spot as they fill up.

If you are looking to spice up your routine, try Spira Power Yoga!  Hope to see you there.

Take good care and be well mamas!

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