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Family Friendly Fourth of July Drinks


Are you looking for fun and easy family friendly fourth of July drinks?  Look no further.  Here are some festive drinks for your holiday BBQ bash.  Below are two recipes that fit perfectly on the kid and adult menu while keeping your shopping list short and sweet.

Strawberry Schnapps
1 liter of 7-Up
Blue Razz Pop Rocks
Cran Raspberry Drink
Sobe Pina Colada Drink
Gatorade G2 Blueberry Pomegranate Flavor


1. Prepare one small plate with fresh squeezed lemon juice and another (dry) small plate with Blue Razz Pop Rocks.
2. Use old fashioned glass and dampen the rim of your glass by dipping it into the lemon juice.
3. Dip rim into the plate of Blue Razz Pop Rocks.  Note: Pop Rocks will pop, but just a few!  If you have trouble with too many popping, try dipping the glass rim into caramel instead of lemon juice.
4. Add 3 cubes of ice into glass and 1 shot of Strawberry Schnapps.
5. Fill up the remainder of the glass with 7-up.  Be sure not to get the Pop Rocks wet, or else they will start exploding too early.
6. Take sips and let the Pop Rocks set off fireworks in your mouth.  Happy 4th of July!



1.  Use clear acrylic glasses or clear Solo Cups for the kids.
2. Pour the drink with the most sugar into the glass first – fill glass 1/3rd of the way with Cran Raspberry Drink (red).
3. Fill glass with ice.
4. Fill 1/3rd of the glass with Sobe Pina Colada Drink by pouring the drink directly on a cube of ice, so it doesn’t mix.
5. Fill 1/3rd of the glass with Gatorade G2 Blueberry Pomegranate by pouring the drink directly on a cube of ice, so it doesn’t mix.
6. To achieve the best layered look, pour slowly and directly on a cube of ice.
7. Top with a festive straw or sparkler and serve.  Happy 4th of July!

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