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Strong Moms Empower: Making Time to Workout

Since completing Ironman last August, I have been feeling down.  Not just down, straight up depressed.  I was warned by fellow athletes that Post-Ironman Depression (PIMD) is a real syndrome.  I scoffed at the thought.

As the days and months have passed, there has been an overall lack of wanting to do the things I love.  Someone would have to pay me a million dollars to get in the pool right now.  No thank you.  Going out and doing a short 4 mile run feels like a poor reason to break out the running shoes.  Pass.  The reality of the situation is that the euphoric high of completing Ironman Canada within 1 year of having my first baby was unlike anything I have experienced.  What could possibly compare to completing an Ironman?

The good news is that feeling down and out means I have had plenty of time to daydream and think.


I am Type-A.  I absolutely love managing a schedule and executing.  Making lists and striking items off after completion is a great sense of accomplishment.  Having a coach write a daily training program so I know exactly what my workouts would look like was a dream come true.  Every day I could wake up and tell you what my day would look like and go to bed telling you everything I accomplished.

I would love to say that I have been able to keep my schedule after having a baby but our whole day can go south in a matter of minutes.  The thing is, I have a little dictator at home.  I like to call her, my daughter.  She tells me what my day will look like, whether I like it or not.  Schedule, what schedule?  At the end of the day, when I once rattled off everything I accomplished, it has turned into a growing to do list.  Nothing gets done, including my triathlon training.  Talk about discouraging.

I will admit, while I was training for Ironman Canada, I judged other moms who said they didn’t have time to workout or it was too hard.  As my daughter gets older, I realize how hard it is to workout.  She doesn’t sit still.  She takes only one nap, not many.  She demands attention, my attention.  She will non-stop cry in the jogging stroller after we pass the swing set that she desperately wants to play on.  How do I get my workouts in, make her happy and not have a headache by the end of the day?

I like challenges.  So instead of pressuring myself to a specific triathlon training schedule, my goal is to workout at least once, every day.  My hope is to encourage other moms to get up and get moving too.  It is ridiculously hard.  Most days I am so exhausted that I cannot fathom working out.  I am changing my mindset.  There is always time in the day, if you make room in your unpredictable schedule.  Join me!  Each week I will post what my week is looking like and how we worked out!quote2

How have you changed when it comes to judging mothers and parenting? I’ve taken the pledge to support other moms, to create a better online and offline environment for all parents. Will you take the pledge to support moms?

Take good care and find your perfect balance!

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