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Seattle Children’s Theater Review: Adventures with Spot


With colorful sets, happy songs and goofy jokes, the Seattle Children’s Theater production of Adventures with Spot is great fun for the preschool set. There were lots of giggles in the theater the night I saw this cheerful musical with my five-year-old daughter. Though she is usually a mostly attentive audience member, I was surprised to see just how riveted she was by this show.

The play follows Spot through a series of lighthearted episodes, all punctuated by lively, if not particularly memorable, tunes. There’s lots of physical humor and tumbling as the curious puppy gets a package from his grandparents, makes a birthday cake for his dad and goes to the carnival, among other simple delights. He is accompanied by his family and animal friends, including an alligator, a mischievous mouse and a monkey.

There’s not much structure to the show. It just trips happily from story to story. A tap dancing kangaroo and the rousing opening song to the carnival scene perk things up when the action starts to flag. In fact, the pacing is one of the best parts of the show. I didn’t see many restless kids in the audience.

With no tail or make-up, the lead actor looked more like a guy in footie jammies than the Spot of the famous books. As far as I could tell, this didn’t bother any of the audience members, and my daughter didn’t mention it, but I wondered if that might be disappointing to some young fans of the series.

We arrived right before show time, and had to sit in the top row of the auditorium. It ended up being the perfect spot for catching all the action. There’s a great view of the stage, and lots of room in the bench seats for late show wiggling. My daughter could also stand up without worrying about blocking any views behind her.

The best view in the house

The best view in the house

Adventures with Spot plays through May 5, 2013.

Seattle Children’s Theater
201 Thomas Street
Seattle, WA 98109

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