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Free Story Time at the Nordic Heritage Museum Seattle


If you’re in search of a way to introduce your preschooler to museums, Nordic Stories at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard is a great place to start. On the first Thursday of each month, this fun, free story hour begins at 10:00 am in the museum’s auditorium. Kids can hear tales written by Nordic authors, do a craft that ties in with the story and then roam the exhibits.

I checked out the March story hour with my five-year-old. There were about ten kids there, a good-sized turnout, but not too crowded. The group gathered to hear Flat Grandma by Icelandic author Edith Anderson. Since it was the story of a girl who talks to her Grandma via laptop, the kids had the opportunity to decorate their own paper laptops with markers after the story.


Then we checked out the first floor of the museum, which is a fascinating permanent exhibit about the early Nordic emigrant experience in America. The exhibit uses photos, artifacts and replicas of things like ships and the stores in a typical early Nordic-American village to show what the journey to the new world was like for these brave travelers.


I loved that the exhibit included several photographs of children with their parents. I think that helped my daughter to better understand that, despite the different circumstances of their lives, these were people, just like her. She also loved the miniature log cabin, probably because it looked a lot like her dollhouse at home!


This was a great way to amp up the museum-going experience for my daughter. She liked the familiarity of the preschool-style story and craft, and the exhibit fascinated her, though she was definitely restless by the time we’d finished looking at the first floor. I think we’re going to attend a few more story times to get through the rest of the museum!

Check out the Nordic Heritage Museum website for information about this and other children’s’ programs they offer.

Nordic Heritage Museum
3014 NW 67th Street
Seattle, WA 98117


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