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Easter Jelly Bean Crafts

Easter and jellybeans go hand in hand…so it got me to thinking of all the fun ways you can use them use at your next celebration.   They come in an array of colors and can be tailored for every occasion!

Jellybean party fun

They make a beautiful vase filler from Mints Design; just place live flowers in a smaller vessel, then place in a larger vessel and fill with jellybeans.

I’m breaking one of my rules; I only share when I can find the original source of a photo.  But I tried so hard to find the source of this clever jelly bean candle holder , but all roads point to the same pin.  Even Google Image search only popped up all the people who pinned it.   I couldn’t resist sharing…but still boo.

Martha Stewart sets out little bowls of jellybeans for a perfect match with her centerpieces and decor.

In Honor Of Design creates a special Easter surprise with jellybeans and jumbo straws.

Make a cupcake even more special with jellybean flower toppers from The Cake Blog for The Tomkat Studio;

With jellybeans, marshmallow ‘foam’ and a licorice straw, I turned them into a soda favor idea.

Rock out with jelly bean jewelry with Lisa Loves Holidays‘ easy DIY.

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