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Why I Love “Doc McStuffins”

I’m pretty picky about what my kids watch when the television is on.  There is so much junk out there.  Not to mention children’s shows that give adults a headache.  No thank you.

Viewing time around here is usually limited to PBS programming, but I have to admit that Disney has some good stuff, too.  We recently discovered “Doc McStuffins,” and both of my children (ages 3 and 6) love it.  After watching it with them, I love it, too.

“Doc” is an adorable African-American six-year old who has her own little clinic (aka: playhouse) in her backyard.  The clinic is for her dolls and stuffed animals and she cures all of their ailments.  She has dealt with hiccups, dirty Band-aids, and even a broken heart.  Doc’s mom is a physician and Dad stays home.  There are so many great messages wrapped up in this show and my kids love it because of the creative story lines and the music that accompanies each episode.  In fact, I have one of the songs playing in my head at this moment.

Disney's Doc McStuffins

Disney’s Doc McStuffins


It’s wonderful for my three-year old daughter to be able to see a little girl in the role of doctor; it illustrates that this is something she can aspire to be.  For children of color, this show is a long time coming.  Disney has long been criticized for their narrow representation of different cultures, and over the years, this is changing.  This series is just what the doctor ordered!  It’s cute, witty, educational, and age-appropriate.

Aside from the culture and gender roles it represents, “Doc McStuffins” is a great program to help children understand that doctors are not scary.  There are messages throughout about what it means to go to the doctor and how they can help you get better.  I also appreciate the information it shares with kids about hygiene and health.  Important facts about teeth brushing and hand washing are a part of life and the earlier kids understand that, the better.

If you have small children and haven’t checked out “Doc McStuffins”, I highly recommend it.

Any favorite shows at your house?  What do you love, as a parent?

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  2. Shannon Breuner Nelson 02/22/2013 at 11:00 am

    I love Doc McStuffins TOO!! She is so cute! I bought my daughter some Doc McStuffins figurines for her birthday and she was THRILLED!