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Seattle Neighborhood Parks: Pinehurst Playground



I love checking out different neighborhood parks. Sometimes they won’t be too different from the playground down the street, but the kids love the small differences the most. A bouncy toy shaped like a motorcycle instead of a car! A slide that’s slightly more slippery! It is this mindset that brought me to Pinehurst Park.

This lovely spot is tucked into a quiet Northgate neighborhood. It’s not a large park, but the space is well organized, so there’s room for a baseball field, basketball court and an enclosed rental shelter. The playground is also nicely arranged, with lots of newer climbing toys and swings.


I liked how the park sat below street level, because there was easy access to the parking area, but I didn’t have to worry about anyone running into the street (with two adventurous runners to corral, this is a big thing for me). Not much traffic rolls through this peaceful neighborhood anyway. It was a nice way to relax after a busy morning running errands nearby.

I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping a list of neighborhood parks that intrigue me on hand, so that I know I’ll always have a place to take my girls to blow off some steam, no matter where we are. It’s also a fun way to explore the city and meet neighbors who are a bit further down the street.

Try having your own off-the-beaten-path park adventures!

Pinehurst Playground
12029 14th Ave NE, 98125

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