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6 Months to A Summer Body

The new year has passed, resolutions have been made and you have 6 months to a summer body.  That means one thing:  Time to think about shedding those Patagonia fleece layers and get your swimsuit body ready!  Well, in the Pacific Northwest, we probably won’t see summer until about the end of August.  Getting in shape and losing weight is a process and takes more than just a few weeks.  So whether it’s your goal to lose 10 lbs, get six pack abs or maintain your current body, here are some great workouts and equipment to get you started.

Looking to lose fat?  Try this high intensity workout designed by Shape Magazine.

Looking to tone those trouble spots?  Try this whole body workout designed by Fitness Magazine.

Looking for some basic information on how to start a cardio workout program?  Check out this great read provided by For Dummies (as in the folks who write books like “Budgeting for Dummies”).

Looking to track your daily activities from walking to dancing to cooking?  Nike has released an awesome new piece of workout equipment called FuelBand.  Not only does it track everything but it reports to you on how you are doing!

Take good care and be well mamas!

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