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1/2 Day Trip: KidiMu Kids Discovery Museum Seattle

KidiMu is the Bainbridge Island children’s museum, a small but satisfying spot for play. This lovely place was the centerpiece of a action-packed, yet easy, weekday adventure. We even got home in time for afternoon nap.

The ferry ride to Bainbridge is about a half hour. That leaves enough time to check out some views and wander the deck, but not so much that the little ones will get restless. One of the best things about the museum is that it is located only a couple of blocks from the ferry dock. You could easily walk on, especially with older kids.

Having often lost a child in a blink while visiting larger kiddie museums, I was delighted to see that I could keep track of both of my kids by simply standing in the middle of the Our Town exhibit on the main floor. Fun activities include a grocery store, “sand” box (it was filled with a sort of rubbery recycled material), doctor’s office and bank. I thought it was most appropriate that they had a play ferry both inside and in the small outdoor courtyard.

Then we headed upstairs, to the Science Hall. We loved the oversized Light Bright-type board on one of the walls. We also enjoyed the Fun With Physics exhibit where you can use golf balls in all sorts of contraptions to experiment with different kinds of motion.

After the museum, we went into town for lunch at the Fork and Spoon café. I love this place. It feels like a grown-up spot, you can even get beer and wine, but the menu and atmosphere is very child-friendly. The menu includes sandwiches, soup and salads. I loved that they offered bread and jam with cheese slices–perfect for picky eaters. The gooey grilled cheese was also very popular with my daughter. I adored the herbed gluten free bread which I had with the delicious veggie and bacon sandwich. Yes, there are people who like bacon and veggies together. Thank you for recognizing that Fork and Spoon!

Before we hit the ferry, we took the advice of a friendly local and got a cup of coffee at Roosters Café. It was a great brew and just what we needed for that last push home.

The whole adventure was fun and easygoing. We’ll definitely go again.

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