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Storybook Theater: 3 Pigs

The Storybook Theater production of 3 Pigs takes a few liberties with the classic tale The Three Little Pigs, but rightfully so. How else could it be an hour-long show? This entertaining musical is so lively and fast-paced that it never once seems like the story is being padded. When I recently caught a performance with my daughter at the Kirkland Performing Arts Center, the theater was full, and its young patrons were mesmerized.

3 Pigs is the story of a trio of pig sisters: Petunia Blossom, Calla Lily and Sweet Pea. When the siblings realize they are being groomed for the farmer’s table, they escape to the dump, where they find plenty of building materials for a new home and a very hungry wolf. Along the way, there’s a lot of high energy singing, dancing and slapstick.

The sets were clever, but simple, consisting of a large storybook with movable pages and a few props. Focus stayed on the action. Things like audience participation opportunities, characters occasionally running up and down the aisles and short scenes seemed to be keeping even the most restless kids engaged, if still very squirmy.

There was also a great Q&A session after the show where the actors took questions from audience members. Then the cast sat at the edge of the stage to meet the kids and sign autographs. From the length of the line, it looked like the show had a lot of fans.

My four-year-old daughter’s review of 3 Pigs:

I liked the food song. I’ve got that “Piggy Power” song in my head. (That last part must have been true, because she sang the tune off and on for the rest of the afternoon. She also seems to have been inspired by the show, because she swiped a bunch of mini-straws off the theater snack bar when I wasn’t looking and told me she was going to build a house.)


3 Pigs runs through December 2 in a variety of locations.

Storybook Theater will also present ‘Twas the Night from November 24 to December 16 and Pinocchio from January 26 to March 10, 2013.

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