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Mashiko: Seattle Sushi

For those of you in the Seattle area who are looking for the best sushi in town.  Let me tell you, you must try Mashiko.  It is located in West Seattle, and it is worth the drive.  This small hole in the wall joint is sushi lovers dream come true.  For those who are regulars, I am sure they are not excited by the fact that I am exposing their favorite place as it will make their chance at getting a seat even harder.

The best part of the entire experience is that you can choose your destiny.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can choose a menu full of sea urchin roe.  If your stomach is telling you to stay a little more mild, they have an entire list of “American Style Rolls” to choose from.  The menu goes on and on.  Yes please!

Recently my husband and I went for a date night.  We also went for a family night.  Although it is the same restaurant, both experiences were entirely different.

When we went as a family, they asked if our daughter would like to sit by the fish tank.  We took one look at each other and said “yes, she would.”  The entire evening she spent staring into the tank, trying to find the fish while reaching for food on the table.  She made it through the entire meal without a peep.  A dream come true!

When we went for a date night, we decided to get an Omakase Course Meal.  We asked for the Toku version which was “a great way to sample items from both our sushi bar and kitchen. This six course meal for two includes two appetizers from the sushi bar, an assortment of sushi, two kitchen creations, and one dessert to share.”  Our first course was filled with abalone.  Abalone done three different ways.  Delicious.  Our second course was Tuna Tartare, complete with capers and scallions.  Oh my heart just skipped a beat.  Our third course was Clams Sakamushi – “clams steamed with butter and sake”.  Need I say more?  The most delicious broth I have tasted.  I even asked for an extra bowl of rice to just pour the broth over.  Our fourth course was an assortment of sushi from shiso to mackerel.  Our fifth course was a candy smoked coho salmon cheeks over rice.  4 large pieces of salmon were displayed on a plate.  My husband and I fought over the chunks of salmon.  We were licking our lips!  Our sixth course was the absolute most delicious dessert.  A jasmine creme brulee.  It was the perfect combination of sweetness.  Between my husband and I, we fought over who was going to lick the bowl.  I admit it, we were a bit ridiculous.  I left the meal feeling as though I ate like a queen.

Let me break it down…

All sustainable fish
– Friendly service
– Take home lapel buttons
– Kid friendly (need I say more?)
– Reservations available
– A menu full of endless choices

– Eel lovers, there is no real eel available.  They offer a South Carolina catfish which has the same consistency, but it is not 100% eel
– Can be viewed as a little more expensive than other sushi restaurants
– Without a reservation, you may have to wait for a seat

If I was you, I would  make reservations now to try the best sushi in town!

Be well and take good care mamas!

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