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Back to School shopping: FabKids

I know that school has started, but clothes shopping never really ends, does it?

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea that there were so many subscription services for kids.  Back in my day you were lucky to have a Highlights magazine subscription.  Now, there are clothing clubs and crafty project subscriptions galore!

Since I just reviewed Wittlebee, I wanted to also share another company that I just recently learned about: FabKids.

Similar to Wittlebee, FabKids also is a subscription service that provides clothing for your child.  The difference is that where Wittlebee’s offerings are a mystery, FabKids allows you to choose the clothes you get via their website.  After filling out a style survey, the website presents you with a selection of outfits.  You choose your favorite and your daughter’s first outfit is on the way!  FabKids is currently just for girls size 2 through 8.  According to their site, boys clothing and additional sizes will be added in 2013.

One of many FabKids outfits!


With FabKids you get three pieces for $39.99 a month.  These are not clothes you will find in the stores, as FabKids creates these outfits specifically for the brand.  Christina Applegate has partnered with the company as a Creative Partner, which has garnered quite the buzz.  I have to admit, that the clothes are cute.  Dressing girls is so fun anyway, but these clothes are just the right combination of girly and practical.  Not too frilly and completely age appropriate.  Nothing bothers me more than toddler clothes that look like they are meant for a young woman.

Another FabKids outfit!


I scored a great deal, so I should be receiving our first FabKids package any day now.  Can’t wait to share with all the mamas!

To try FabKids and get your first outfit for just $25, use the following link:

FabKids cuties!

Happy Shopping!


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