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Around The Sound – Brick Con

Brick Con 2011 LEGO convention in SeattleEvery October  at the Seattle Center, LEGO® hobbyists (what you call anyone old enough to drive who still loves their LEGO®) converge at Brick Con. This year marks its 10th anniversary as the longest running fan-based LEGO® convention.

It’s a family friendly event where the general public is invited in to be amazed, observe amazing LEGO® creations and meet the builders. If you have  LEGO® enthusiasts in your home, as I do with my boys, it is a must-see. We went last year and will be there this year.

Brick Con Boba Jengo Fett costumesYou will see a few people dressed up…

Brick Con Harry Potter's Hogwarts

…and amazing creations completely out of LEGO® like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts…Brick Con Harry Potter's The Great Hall LEGO

 …and the Quidditch pitch.

Brick Con Quidditch Field LEGO

 Fantastical castles…

Brick Con castle

 …even a Tower or two.

Brick Con Saruman's Tower Lord Of The Rings LEGO

 Yes, it is Saruman’s Fortress from Lord Of The Rings.  This is one of my favorite  scenes from The Two Towers when the Ents have had enough and start handing out a*%kickings and lollipops and are all out of  lollipops.

Brick Con Lord Of The Rings Saruman's Fortress The Last March Of The Ents

You can purchase hard to find LEGO®  sets and custom items you aren’t going to find at the LEGO®  store…

Brick Con Brick Arms

 It’s the only place that Pooh and a Predator can exist in the same space.Brick Con Pooh Predator LEGO

And how often does one see a Storm Trooper crossing the street?Brick Con Storm Trooper

We had an awesome time! There is so much to see, I simply can’t contain all the photos I took in a post.

Be sure to bring cash, some vendors have card readers but many don’t.

The deets:
Saturday October 6th, 2012: 10am to 4pm
Sunday October 7th, 2012: 9am to 3pm
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
Purchase tickets here or at the Exhibition Hall ticket booth (cash/check only)

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