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Seattle Spray Park at Northacres Park

Northacres Park in North Seattle is a fantastic new place for spray park fun. It is a lot like Willis D. Tucker park in Mill Creek, but with slightly fewer water features and a heck of a lot more shade, thanks to the beautiful trees that cover most of the park.

The park was remodeled in 2012 to update and double the play area. There are plenty of great play features for toddlers and big kids, each in separate areas. The spot that used to hold the wading pool is now a large spray pad with features appropriate for a wide range of ages.

Northacres draws a lot of people on a hot day, but it doesn’t feel too crowded. There’s plenty of prime lawn space, and the playground is now so expansive that it can handle much more activity.

I love how there is a steep grassy hill around most of the spray pad, so it isn’t so easy for my toddler to take off. The playground areas are also mostly surrounded by low walls, which makes keeping track of the kids much less complicated.

This is a huge improvement for this space. I checked out the old photos of the park before the reconstruction and I couldn’t believe they were of the same place. Seattle parks just keep getting better all the time.

Other park features include an off-leash area for dogs, two ball fields, a picnic area and a small fir forest with cement paths. There’s a lot and street parking available.

Northacres Park Playground & Spraypark
12718 1st Ave NE
Seattle, WA

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