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Seattle Children’s Playgarden: A Magical Place for Play

I think Seattle Children’s Playgarden may be my new favorite place. The quote on the Playgarden’s website sums up its appeal perfectly: “Digging in the dirt. Swinging in the sun. Chasing butterflies.” Though it was created to be a safe place to play for children with mental and physical challenges, such as vision and hearing impairments, autism and cerebral palsy, that purpose is not meant to exclude others. This heavenly spot in South Seattle, just at the end of Coleman playfield,  is a spot for children of all abilities to play and thrive.

Some of the features are familiar, such as the basketball court and a playground area with swings and bouncy toys. Other unique sites inspire wonder and delight, such as a brightly-colored hill made out of squishy material soft enough to roll down:

There’s also a water feature attached to the hill, a sort of windy stream that kids can splash in or use to send a few toys for a ride:

There’s also a busy coop of chickens and geese, topiaries of all sorts of animals and shapes and an old red pick-up truck (pictured above) that has been re-purposed to serve as a planter.

The plants in the Playgarden are fantastic, from rows of plum trees to large beds of flowers and vegetables. It’s like a pea patch with a little extra oomph.

The space is constantly evolving, with additional new features such as an interactive musical fence to be designed by Trimpin, who according to the Playgarden website is a Seattle “sculptor, sound artist, musician, composer, engineer and inventor.”

A small building on the property houses programs such as play groups, day camp and pre-school. As these groups make use of the Playgarden, the hours the park is available to the public are limited. Late afternoons and weekends tend to be free, but always check the events calendar before visiting.

You can really see the love and care put into this wonderful place. The Seattle Children’s Playgarden is a must-see park.

Seattle Children’s Playgarden
1745 24th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144
Between 23rd and 24th Avenues S and S Grand and S Massachusetts


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