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Family Friendly Olympic Sculpture Park

Kid Activities in the Pavilion

If you think of wedding photos and tourists when the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park comes to mind, you can’t be blamed. I don’t think I’ve ever been there on the weekend without seeing a half dozen tuxes and unfolded maps of Seattle. There’s a lot more to this vibrant spot than pretty backdrops and sightseeing for out-of-towners, though. This is a fantastic place for families.

The Seattle Art Museum actively encourages little ones to visit the park. Check out the kids’ table inside the park’s pavilion. They always offer a carefully selected array of fun things for play, from art materials to crazy multi-color glasses. It isn’t always the same stuff either. The museum keeps everything in top shape and occasionally switches up the toys.

Even on a gloomy day, the pavilion makes the park worth a visit. There’s plenty of room to move around, the bathrooms are easily accessible (I can’t be alone in always thinking of that first?) and the Taste café has snacks and coffee if you decide to hang around a while.

Outside, there’s lots of lawn space for picnics and running the sillies out. The water view is also magnificent, even on a gray day.

I particularly like the park because it is an easy way to introduce my kids to art. Out in the open, I don’t have to worry about my daughters raising a racket in the gallery. As long as they don’t touch the art, we’re good!

Instead, I can focus our conversation on colors, shapes and just what that big sculpture looks like. I can teach them to respect the pieces, but still offer them room to roam and burn off energy.

There’s parking in the PACCAR Pavilion Garage, which can be accessed at the corner of Broad Street and Western Avenue. Street parking is metered, but there’s usually plenty of spots on Sunday when it is free. There are also bike racks outside on the pavilion.

Olympic Sculpture Park
2901 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

The Taste Café is typically open on weekends during the summer (June-September), from 9am-3pm .


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