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Escape from the Mall: Bicentennial Park

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the rush of the crowds in the Southcenter Mall area, try escaping to tiny Bicentennial Park. Located just at the edge of the busy commercial area, it’s a great place to have a quiet picnic and let the kids run around. Take your food court lunch “to go” and enjoy a little relaxation after a busy day of shopping.

The park sits alongside Green River. It has a nice play area with slides and climbing toys, lots of picnic tables and a pretty picnic shelter built to look like a log cabin. There are also lots of beautiful trees and plants, which add to the peaceful atmosphere and feeling of escape. It’s hard to believe that there’s a strip of bustling stores just around the corner.

If you’re tired of trying to find your kids in the crush at the mall play area, this is your place.


Bicentennial Park

6000 Christensen Road

Tukwilla, WA


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