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Family Road Races in Washington

My husband and I are active individuals.  To many of our friends we are not just active, but incapable of sitting down.  I beg to differ.  To us, life without being busy is hard to imagine, it’s the standard daily procedure.

I knew our lifestyle would change once our little girl arrived, but was not sure to the extent.  Would I be able to workout?  Would I be able to see my friends?  Would we be able to travel?  Our little girl has slowed us down a little, but overall, we have kept a good majority of our active schedule the same.  Since she is such a trooper and loves seeing the world just as much as we do, she comes with us everywhere.  She is our little sidekick.

Prior to having a baby, we participated in races that were great for our DINK lifestyle.  You know the St. Patty’s Day 5K run that starts at 8am, ends in a beer garden and we stumble home at beer thirty to pass out.  Let’s be honest, my husband and I miss those days, a lot.  But kids take no vacation.  Even when you are on vacation, they are still up at 6am and happy to see you.  Sigh, if only our little ones knew that mom and dad needed to have a little fun too!

At the start of 2012, I changed my search criteria.  Instead of looking for the races that had the infamous beer garden, I search to find races that included the family.  Even more specifically, races that allowed strollers.  This is certainly undiscovered territory.  I happily found several.  Who knew!

On April 1, 2012 we participated in the Eat.Hope.Run 5K race presented by Ethan Stowell Restaurants & Eastside Maternal Fetal Medicine.  Benefiting the Fetal Hope Foundation.  Families from all over the Puget Sound came out to race.  It was absolutely amazing to see everyone out and ready to race with their little ones.  The energy from the group was something I had never experienced.  The little voices yelling “go daddy” or “go mommy”.  The young kids racing their brothers or sisters across the finish line.  The strollers.  The dogs.  It was a family affair.

To top off all of the excitement, post race, they had an amazing food tent filled with small plates from restaurants all over Seattle.  Canlis, Staple and Fancy, Skillet, Walrus and Carpenter, Terra Plata and much, much more.  My husband and I found the mini fried chicken sandwiches from Skillet and the nettle soup from Terra Plata to be our top favorites.  Our little one, she decided that the nettle soup from Terra Plata was her favorite.  I think this photo speaks for itself:

What a great day!  I could really get used to these family races!  We cannot wait to get Amalia entered into the Kids races with her own bib number.

We are headed to Kirkland, WA for our next family race.  My daughter and I plan to compete in The Mother’s Day Half Marathon on May 13th in the stroller division.  There is also a 5K dash for those who are looking for a shorter distance.

What races are you and your family training for?

Take good care and be well mamas!

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