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Celebrating My First Mother’s Day

Last year, during Mother’s Day, I was 6 months pregnant.  I was not “technically” crowned a mom, but I still celebrated over a delicious brunch with my mom and friends.

This year, I finally was able to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Which means I could celebrate any way I wanted to.  That’s right, this day was all about being a mom and well, me!  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do.  Go to a spa, get a massage, book a hotel room,  go to a movie, sleep in?  Nope, I wanted to run a half marathon.  Not just run one by myself, but run one with my daughter in our jogging stroller.  Technically she is my training partner and has run up to 18 miles with me at one time.  Why would I run it alone, on Mother’s Day?

The day was absolutely beautiful.  The sun was shining and a nice light breeze in the air.  The perfect racing weather.  My friends told me that the Kirkland Half Marathon was hilly, but I knew I had to see it for myself.  My friends were right, it was HILLY!  According to my Garmin 910XT watch, we climbed 1,706 ft of elevation over the entire course.  Luckily I met a nice dad who was pushing his son in a stroller also, so together we ran the race neck and neck.  Pushing each other to run a little faster and converse on the downhills.  Overall, the race was a blast.  My daughter slept 8 miles out of the 13.1 and babbled throughout the last few miles.  I cannot wait for the day when the babbling turns into words of encouragement like “Go Mommy!”

We conquered all of the hills, enjoyed the sites and thanked all of the support out on the course.  We finished the half marathon in 1:43:17, which is 7:54 minute miles.  My best half marathon time of the season.  Of course, the instant we got our finishers medal, my 9 month old put it in her mouth, just to understand what victory tasted like.

After the race we celebrated over brunch with family, friends and babies at Serious Biscuit.  If you haven’t tried Serious Biscuit, it’s a must!

I hope all of you mother’s were able to celebrate your day, just the way you wanted to.  I know I did!

Take good care and be well mamas!

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