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Seattle Pie Spots To Celebrate Pi Day

If you are a bit of a geek like me, you know that Wednesday is Pi Day, 3.14.  You remember this symbol from math class, right?  π , that good old non-repeating, non-terminating number gets its own day!  Have a little fun with the kids and take them out for a sweet slice.  Check out these Seattle pie spots…first there were only two, Pie and High 5 Pie, but they are gaining momentum!

Seattle's PieFremont’s Pie.  Pretty much straight forward name that covers every type they have.  From fruit to meat pies, every day brings a new theme. How about a Corned Beef & Cabbage savory pie to a sweet Mint Chocolate Chip Cream And Irish Cream pie or a Meaty Mac And Cheese pie?

Seattle's Hi 5 PieMy goal is to hit up all the pie spots that I can…so far, we’ve only been to Capitol Hill’s High 5 Pie , check out our visit! We loved the retro feel and kid-friendly atmosphere.

Seattle's A La Mode PieMaking the jump from online catering to a brick and mortar shop, A la Mode Pies Café  is located in the heart of Phinney Ridge across from Woodland Park Zoo.  A day at the zoo topped off with a slice of Mexican Chocolate Mousse or White Chocolate Banana Cream pie is number one in my book.

Seattle's Shoofly pieYou can’t miss bright green Shoofly Pie Co. over the bridge in West Seattle.  By the slice, a 5″ mini pie or regular sized, with delectable options like Rhubarb-Ginger Galette and they serve alcohol? Yes, please.

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