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Fun Thanksgiving Books

Ready to gobble up some tasty books this Thanksgiving?  I have to admit that our collection was a bit sad; so a few weeks ago I made a few purchases.  Here are some picks that are worth checking out:

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanks for Thanksgiving written by Julie Markes is a fun, easy read for young children.  With lively illustrations and a rhyming pattern that kids love, this is one of my favorites of the bunch.  After reading this, your children will be reminded that life is full of small, simple things that we can be thankful for.  It will most likely encourage your family to reflect on the very things for which you are grateful.  Two thumbs up!

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup written by Helen Cooper is a gorgeous book about three friends, who happen to be a cat, a duck, and a squirrel.  They all live together in an adorable old white cabin, which happens to look like a teapot.  The vibe is peaceful and positive, as they play music together and make pumpkin soup.  All goes awry, however, when duck decides one morning that he wants to be the head cook!  The other two will have none of that and a fight ensues.  In the end, this story is one of friendship, sharing, and thinking about the feelings of somebody else.  Great message and gorgeous pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George

Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George written by Cynthia Platt and Julie B. Bartynski is just as cute and fun as you would imagine it to be.  The delightful little monkey enjoys all the festivities, including a parade, crafts, setting the table, and helping with the feast in the kitchen.  The pictures are bright and addicting.  The story keeps a singsong flow with a rhyming cadence, as well.  How can you not love Curious George?

The Very First Thanksgiving Day

The Very First Thanksgiving Day written by Rhonda Gowler Greene tells the tale of the original day of Thanksgiving.  This author is a former schoolteacher and has taken great care to share the story in an authentic and child-friendly way.  The illustrations are really beautiful and the text is not overwhelming for a young audience.  This book is an informative read and a great way to introduce the history behind Thanksgiving.

T is for Turkey

T is for Turkey written by Tanya Lee Stone is a Thanksgiving alphabet story.  As the book goes through each letter, a different aspect of the holiday is reviewed in short, rhyming rhythms.  The illustrations are colorful and happy, with a varied vocabulary.  As I read this to my five year old, he posed questions about some of the people mentioned (Lincoln, Massasoit).  It prompted me to brush up on my history a bit!  This is a great way to introduce some of the basic ideas of what Thanksgiving was and who was involved.

Happy Reading!

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