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Around The Sound – Cookies

At my personal blog, I love to share the places I bip-bop to around this lovely chunk of space we call the Pacific Northwest.  I call it We Go Wednesday, only because I also share non-PNW places as well.  Why, just last week I was sharing my adventures at Purple Cafe in Seattle. But here, it is perfect to call my new series, Around The Sound, where I share fun must-see places I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling across.

Cookie store BallardToday’s feature is perfect for the holidays, for those of you like to get your Christmas bake on and find the perfect cookie supplies.  Venture out to Cookies in Ballard, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It’s a tiny space and filled to the brim (so don’t spin around, you will knock something over) with, you guessed it, cookie cutters!

Cookie store Ballard 2

It is really hard to  come up with a kind of cookie you can’t make with the products you’ll find here. Need a boot cutter for a Western party? Check.  Need initials to spell out something in cookie? Check.  Need to make a cookie in the shape of a hammer?  It’s there.  Everything from spices, chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and a rainbow wall of sprinkles.

Cookies shop Ballard Wall Of Sprinkles

You’ll also find kid friendly accessories like food-coloring markers that are easy for little fingers to handle and children’s utensil sets.

Look at all those Christmas cutters! She’s got quite a few!

They are quite knowledgeable about all of their products, and can let you know immediately what they have, which is awesome because could you try to imagine trying to look through all of these yourself?

The deets:
2211 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107

Tuesday – Saturday – 10AM – 6PM
Sunday – 11AM – 5PM


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