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Summer Fun: Berry Picking

It seems that many of my posts as of late have been about food.  This may be because my mind is almost always consumed with the topic of eating.  What am I making for dinner?  What did we eat for breakfast?  How many fruits and veggies have we been having lately?  How can I get more protein into our diets?  Why do I have so many recipes, yet always keep making the same thing?  I can go on and on with these questions, so I’ll stop here.

On our recent getaway, I decided to combine my obsession with food with the exuberance of my little ones.  Not far from where we were staying, there was a farm.  This farm grew beautiful blueberries.  As you may or may not know, blueberries are a super food.  Not only are they yummy, they are also full of antioxidants and vitamins.  We took a little excursion to the farm, got a bucket for the kids to fill, and walked the farm looking for berries that were ready to be picked.  They loved it.

Berry picking opens up a dialogue with your kids and shows them the work that goes into growing and harvesting.  Even as an adult, it really makes you appreciate those little blueberry cartons in the grocery store.  It takes time and care to find and gently pick those tiny berries.  Respecting the work that farmers do everyday is important and your children should know where those berries came from.

As we walked up and down the aisles of blueberry bushes, both my four-year old and my one-year old were very busy.  I was surprised at my young daughter’s ability to search and find correctly, but her big brother showed her the ropes and she couldn’t get that fruit into the bucket fast enough.  My preschooler took his job very seriously and was very diligent about what he was doing.

This was a fun activity for us as a family and in under an hour we enjoyed time together and came away with a lot of blueberries.  The kids got a little education and even though what we were doing was actually work, it didn’t seem like it at all.

Find a place to pick your own berries at

Blueberries for the picking!

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  1. ericasfehrman 07/22/2011 at 2:50 pm

    Berry picking is so fun! We pick lots, and then wash and freeze them on cookie sheets. One they’re hard like marbles they’ll keep well into winter in ziplock freezer bags. YUM!