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From Rug Rats to Mall Rats

Nowadays there are so many places to go for a shopping ‘experience.’ The Puget Sound area has Villages, Town Centers, Towne Centers, and Towne Centres. Who remembers the good ol’ mall? Some don’t view it as hip and modern like outdoor non-stripmall shopping centers. But have you been lately?

Many malls have added outside-only entry type of shops creating a “village” feel to the perimeter of the mall. It’s like the best of both worlds. And even better for families, Simon Malls has a program called Simon Kidgits for who else? Kids! They introduced this program last fall and we were quick to sign up when I discovered it earlier this year.

Bam! I'm a member!

Simon Kidgits Club costs $5 per year per kid to join and each kid receives a Simon Kidgits tee upon signing up. They also get to spin the prize wheel at that time, as well as each time they visit the mall and show their membership card. That’s right, they get their very own membership card! This card holds the power behind discounts from different merchants, too. Of course you’ll want to get the list of participating merchants from Guest Services which is where you sign up for Kidgits. While you’re there check out upcoming Kidgits Club events.

Pow! I'm a card carrier, too!

One Simon Mall in the area is the Northgate Mall in North Seattle. Northgate Mall’s claim to fame is that it was the first regional shopping center described as a mall. Others have claimed this distinction in other parts of the country, but Northgate is supposed to be the first in this region to have shops facing each other with a covered walkway in-between–not necessarily the first fully enclosed mall.

Whatever the case, why not visit? They also have the village perimeter with great shops and ever-increasing restaurants. So check it out! Join the new Kidgits program at the region’s oldest mall! Or at any Simon Mall near you. Just don’t show up a week late for the event to which you were so excited to take your children. At least they got to spin the prize wheel.

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