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My Very Own Time Capsule

I’ve always wanted to keep a journal that records all the funny and cute things my kids say.  I have a few pages filled out from years ago when my little boy first started talking, but then I stopped writing it down.  Life kept getting in the way, and to be honest, many nights before bed I felt so tired that I’d put it off.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow quickly turned into today, and I have a very sad and empty journal.

Lately, I’ve had feelings of panic that I’m not recording all the funny things that happen.  I know that one day I won’t remember all the adorable things my son says.  Last night, for instance, out of the blue, he tells me, “Mommy, I forgot to call Lion’s (his stuffed animal) family.  Now it’s too late and they’ll never make it to the party!”  I probably won’t recall that, in a desperate attempt to get her shoes back, my 17-month old daughter stood at the top of the stairs, her arm reaching through the slats of the gate, crying, “Shoooooes!  Shooooes!  Sad!  Sad!”

I feel like I want to pause time.   I feel overwhelmed and depressed that years from now, I won’t remember their little voices.  I will forget that years ago, my son used to point to the cabinet under the sink and say, “Mommy’s cleaning pupplies.”  It was one of my favorite things he ever said.  I was actually sad when he started saying supplies correctly.

In my attempts to record their precious childhood days, I do have baby books and videos and photographs.  Lots and lots of photographs.  In the past four years, my husband and I have purchased two cameras.  Of course the first one was obsolete within a year or two, so we HAD to get a newer one.  I love looking at all the photographs of the kids, but there is something about recording their thoughts and ideas at different ages that captures them in a different way.  Who they are changes as they grow and I find it so interesting to see what stays the same about their personalities and what evolves.

I’m not disciplined enough to do this on my own, so when I saw Your Birthday Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, I had to buy one for each of my children.  This is an awesome way to capture memories for your child and it is all encapsulated in one book.  It includes several pages for each age and continues all the way to eighteen.  There is space for pictures, a pocket for special papers and documents, and (my personal fave) interview questions for each year of life.  What a fun, simple way to save special memories for your child.   I gave my son his interview the other day and he thought it was so very cool.

So, if you are like me, and have good intentions of keeping scrapbooks or journals, but it just doesn’t happen, this is an awesome book to have.  Every year after your child’s birthday, complete the few pages and add some pictures.  It couldn’t be easier and at the end of eighteen years, your kids will have a book that takes them through childhood and reminds them of the fun they had, and who they were.

Your Birthday Book

Your Birthday Book by Amy K.

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