My husband and I will celebrate our 14h anniversary at the end of May. We have two handsome young men, 6 and 8. They have different personalities which people can tell just from their pictures. They play together well and occasionally make each other cry. I work with numbers full-time (Finance), but my passion is letters. Well, my passion is with words but letters are the buidling blocks. I am quirky yet traditional. Spunky but occasionally grouchy. Here, but mostly there. Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my personal blog as well!

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Kids, Go Play in the Dirt!

I love to garden. I’m not claiming to have a green thumb by any means, but I don’t have a brown one either. Well, I do have a brown thumb literally but not in the garden sense of the term.

Seven years ago when I was very pregnant with our second child, my husband took up our lawn in the front yard so it could be all garden. This equals four patches of soil: two smaller ones in front of our headache hedge and two good-sized ones between the hedge and our house. It was two years before I started working on the garden. This is because being in our unfenced yard with a 2- and 4-year old who can entertain each other is easier than being outside with a newborn inside the house with a baby monitor and a 2-year-old getting a hold of the garden hose. I guess our exterior windows did need washing.

Well-used Garden Gear

Now the boys are 6 and 8 and are great helpers in the garden. They have their own matching shovel and trowel. Their rain boots become garden boots. Gloves are another matter because they are growing, and because they sometimes leave them out. One sunny day in Seattle that is fantastic for working out in the garden is often followed by a rainy day. Soggy gloves are no fun. Not that I’d know 😀


Snippets of Sky Nursery's Junior Gardener newsletter. The newsletter is available only to registered members of Sky

They even belong to the Junior Gardeners’ Club at Sky Nursery in Shoreline. A newsletter arrives in the mail every few months with three monthly coupons for the boys to receive a free item. It might be a pansy, sedum, seed packet, etc. They get to select what they want within the coupon category and specifics on size. The Junior Gardeners’ Club even offers classes–some free, some with a nominal fee, and all very educational and fun. The best part of the club? It’s free to join! Well, that feature being the best part is arguable.


I love that my boys enjoy gardening. They learn how to appreciate the beauty of nature. They learn how to replenish the earth and treat it well. They get really dirty digging in the dirt and picking up worms, so they don’t get to fight taking a shower.

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